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10 Ways to Maximize Your PPC Account On a Limited Budget

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10 Ways to Maximize Your PPC Strategy on a Limited Budget

You don’t need a tremendous budget for an effective PPC strategy. Here’s how to maximize the success of your PPC campaigns even on a limited budget.

Proper planning is key when it comes to successful results. It’s common to believe that the more you have to spend the more you’ll get in return but this is not always the case.

This article will set out how you can manage your PPC strategy in a way that maximizes the benefits of your budget, no matter what its size.

Set clear goals for your campaign.

Set your goals to avoid over spending and incurring unexpected extra costs.

Decide on what you’d like to achieve with your campaigns and how you’re going to achieve it.

Estimate your budget

Decide on the initial budget you’d like to set for your campaigns.

The first question is to decide on the number of leads that you’d like to gain through PPC. The answer should be aligned with your available resources and the goals you set in the last step.


Perform keyword research

Carrying out in-depth keyword research should help you spot the best opportunities to reach your audience. You can use a free keyword tool such as Google’s keyword tool or a paid tool like Jaaxy Keyword.

A keyword list should be thorough and relevant to your products and services. You want your list to include the most popular keywords that resonate with your target audience, but also long tail keywords that offer a great opportunity for more specific targeting.

A good tip to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns with a limited budget is to continually review the performance of your keywords.


Focus on targeting

Taking a closer look at campaign targeting can save you money while improving the relevance of your ads for your audience.

If your campaign is only interested in driving leads from one specific location, for example, you can geo-target your PPC campaign to avoid wasting spend on targeting a global audience.

Geo-targeting increases the chances of success for your campaign if you want to focus on local marketing to drive conversions.

Moreover, keyword targeting should help you pay for the ads that work better for your business. There’s no need to pay for broad match keywords or competitor keywords that only waste your budget. By adding them as negative keywords, you can focus on the most effective ones to increase the conversions.

Improve your Quality Score

Your AdWords Quality Score affects both your cost per click, but also the conversions. Google considers the Quality Score of significant importance, and your CPA (cost per acquisition) depends on it.

If you are aiming for a lower cost per acquisition, then you need to ensure that you improve your Quality Score.

The best ways to do so are to:

Create relevant ads for your target audience

Focus on the right keywords

Keep your ad groups organized and structured

Refine your landing pages to be helpful and relevant to each ad

Focus on ad copy to improve your CTR

Build your AdWords account performance to improve your reputation

The good thing about the Quality Score is that once you start building your reputation, you’ll be able to save money on keyword bids. This way, you can rank higher without necessarily spending more than your competitors.

It’s also useful to revisit your ad groups from time to time to keep the ones that work better. Focus on the most successful ad sets and stop investing your budget in the ones with low conversions.


It’s not the budget that determines the success of your campaign, but your strategy. Your PPC budget strategy is all about focusing on the best-performing ads while constantly reviewing performance to make sure you are allocating resources in the most effective ways.

If you feel limited by your budget, it’s useful to start small and expand your reach once you’ve learned which strategies work best for your business.

A good understanding of the target audience, relevant keywords and a structured PPC strategy can help you maximize the potential of your campaign even on a limited budget. Contact our experts at Bullseye to get started on your winning strategy today.