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4 Reasons We Click On PPC Ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) is rocking the online marketing industry. In order to drive immediate traffic to your website or business you need it! Read on to discover 4 reasons what makes web users click on
PPC ads!

What is PPC?

PPC is a popular online marketing approach, but what exactly is it? Essentially, a company bids a price on a specific keyword. If they win the bid, they will be featured at the top of the keywords search engine results.

The company only pays when a user clicks through to their website. The term “ad” will be included before the link so that users can clearly identify that it’s a paid advertisement. So if a PPC is obviously an ad, why is it so successful? Below, we’ll explore 4 of the main reasons why PPC is an effective online marketing strategy.

1) Search Results.

Most online users won’t continue past the first results page of Google. There are a variety of ways for businesses to be featured on the top of the search results. One is through search-engine-optimization (SEO).

This is where content creators play Google’s algorithms to rise organically through the ranks. In comparison, PPC will immediately place a website at the top of the first page. This is a great way for companies to get a spike of activity and develop brand awareness. When it comes to search engine results, being first is essential.

2) Search engine marketing.

A clutch study recently found that 1/3 of users click on a paid advertisement because it answers their search results perfectly. The same study discovered that 75% of users found that PPC ads helped them find exactly what they were searching for.

For businesses to take full advantage of PPC they need to develop great search engine marketing (SEM). This means that a PPC needs to clearly answer the query that the user has searched for.

Without straightforward and specific SEM a paid ad won’t be effective. If users don’t find the PPC relevant to the search they will immediately go for the more trusted organic website result. This is important to keep in mind when bidding for keywords. Make sure the PPC is specific and relevant to the target audience.

3) A great title and website description.

One way that a PPC can be clear and relevant to a users search results is through a specific title and description.

Most users will first read the paid ad before deciding to click through to the website.

The title and description comes from Meta tags. These are codes that provide information to users about the content of the website. For instance, let’s say that a user has search for “computer sale in Jupiter.” The paid advertisement that answers the keywords of “sale”, “computer”, and “Jupiter” will get the click- through.

4) Google works

click on ppc adsAccording to the clutch report, Google is a more successful advertising spot then Youtube and Amazon. This is because most people use Google to find specific information, services, or products.

Targeted ads are supposed to fulfill a query that the user has. As already mention with the previous example, if there is a paid ad that directly answers

their query they are more likely to respond to it. On top of this, studies suggest that people respond better to text ads. This is because they can easily evaluate whether the ad is relevant to what they need. PPC enables companies to connect with their target audience. Because PPC depends on search results, the potential customer is already primed to follow through with a purchase.

This marketing approach helps companies reach out to people who would be interested in their brand. When PPC is coupled with a great title, description, and content, it’s the perfect combination!

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