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How to Write PPC Ad Copy That Get Clicks Every Time

Copywriting is sales in text. The very first lesson in writing great ad copy for PPC ads is to grab the reader’s attention. After all, what hope do we ever have of our intended audience getting to our website and ultimately purchasing our products and services if they don’t even click on the title of our ads? Especially with the dastardly limited number of characters at our disposal to work with. This can be a bit of a challenge at times but read on to learn how to create great copy that gets clicks and convinces people to take action.  

copy writing google ads

PPC Ad copy

The Title is Everything

For your ad title, you will have about 25 characters to use in order to compose something that creates personal interest and intrigue. Usually, for the body of your pay per click ads you’ll have roughly 70 characters to create your ad body copy with (35 characters each for two lines of text).

These character caps truly level the playing field when it comes to the use of one’s overall copy writing skill or ability. The less word space available for use the less opportunity there is to bring true skill at creating ad copy into play. In fact because of the limited ad space you have to work with the copy writing novice will have much the same capability to produce effective Pay per click ads as the seasoned copy writing veteran.

Your headline should grab the attention of the reader by creating an internal reaction and should illustrate either an intense problem/concern or a great benefit of your product or service.

“Do You Need to Get Out of Debt Fast?”…problem/concern

“Lose 20lbs by Next Week!”…amazing benefit

“Pay off Your Student Loans!”…serious problem/concern/worry

You’ve probably seen and heard hundreds of advertisements just in this past week.

Pull up a few search engine results pages and look to see which ads catch your eye and why.

Psychologically speaking, a good ad tends to pull at us emotionally.


Get some insight into your Competition


With PPC it makes sense to see who you’re up against.

Make sure to differentiate yourself so you don’t just blend in with everyone else. What makes your product better, different, more worthwhile over the others?

Don’t forget to write a killer CTA. Just writing ‘buy now’ isn’t going to generate much interest.

Full Body Copy

As for the body copy for your pay per click ads: the second line should illustrate a solution to a perceived problem your audience is having…

“Is your Family worried about your Anxiety taking over?

Stop being a Zombie during the day, try SleepEez -No Side Effects!”

“Is your difficult teenager ripping your family apart?”

Sunrise Counseling has a 99% success rate helping families connect!”

It’s important to create variations of each of your ads and test the effectiveness of each. Do you get better results with less punctuation? the word ANXIOUS or ZOMBIE in all caps? If so make a note of it for future ad variations and composition.

The analytics availability in Google makes it incredibly easy to target which ads perform best for you in your PPC campaigns.

Remember, the headline of your pay per click ad is the most important place to begin. You’ll want to step it up a notch and create an attention grabber for your PPC ad by using either a serious problem/issue or concern that creates an emotional stirring or an incredible benefit to your target audience that they can’t live without.

For your ad body copy you should bring your message home with the killer solution to a perceived problem your audience is having that only your company can solve!

If you need help writing killer ads give the experts at Bullseye Pay-per-click a call. We can take the burden of copywriting off your plate and come up with your next high converting PPC ad campaign.

Contact us at 305-907-7012 today.


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