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Implementing Pay Per Click Call Tracking to Drive More Sales to Your Business

Along with providing businesses with a trustworthy, measurable and precise method to track the effectiveness of offline conversions as well as phone conversations, pay per click call tracking provide actionable insights and also detailed reporting on real return of a pay per click campaign. That real return are leads that have a high potential to convert into sales.  Whether you’re carrying out advertising and marketing yourself or for customers, the leads that you create are a crucial sign of just how reliable your marketing techniques are. Clicks to your site, the number of visitors, bounce rate on your website– these are all great signs, yet that’s all they are; general signs. When choosing which advertising channels are functioning well, and to find out which ones are not, it is essential to pay particular focus on these leads as well as the high quality of them.


Quality of Pay Per Click Call Tracking Conversions

Compared to looking at the amount of leads created by a certain marketing methodology like pay per click call tracking, businesses should start thinking about the value of each of these leads by embracing a technique of measuring the amount of business created by each lead.You may find that one campaign generally created the same amount of leads than campaign number two.  However, in campaign number two, when you examined them closely, the leads were either not buyer leads or were not susceptible to be converted to sales.  Therefore, you will realize that, campaign number one is the more successful campaign, and the advertising funnel should be optimized & prioritized in the future.


Call Tracking with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most popular analytics software program used by marketers today. It makes good sense that advertising agencies as well as online business owners track all their advertising activities in Google Analytics.

At Bullseye Pay Per Click Advertising, our mission is reveal to small and large businesses what marketing sources, channels and media convert into leads, proposals and sales. Our tracking and reporting framework is focused on conveniently showing what marketing networks are delivering the best leads, with lead administration uncovering unique, buyer focused leads and weekly reporting to examine leads as well as advertising channels.

For businesses that wish to dig further right into their online data, Bullseye PPC Advertising implements recording, call tracking into Google Analytics. Now businesses can get much richer Google Analytics reporting where they can show events and goal completions in their analytical reports.

Understanding Pay Per Call Advertising

Pay-per-call is an advertising method in which the rate paid by the advertiser is established by the amount of phone calls made by visitors of an advertisement. Pay Per Phone call service providers charge for each phone call, per impression or each conversion. It resembles on-line pay per click (PPC) advertising and marketing, however, causes the visitor to make a phone call rather than landing on an external site.

There are four major ways in which you could track a telephone call when using pay per click call tracking. Naturally, there are various other approaches and also variations on these approaches.


Unique telephone number

Businesses could have a unique number for each keyword, ad group, account, or campaign.With this technique, the first thing to identify is if the business intends to make use of a fixed number or a dynamic phone number. With a static phone number on a website, businesses will hard code the number into that web page.

With dynamic numbers, businesses will certainly initially need to determine a way to recognize exactly what account, campaign, advertisement group or key phrase initiated the web traffic. One typical method is to narrow down the dynamic numbers is to utilize parameters on the links, so the link will relate to the corresponding phone number being navigated too.


Phone Number Extensions

This approach is identical to the technique above, other than instead of making use of a one-of-a-kind phone number, a business will utilize a specialized phone number extension.  This approach can be less costly overall that obtaining a unique phone number.


Code identifiers

In this method, businesses will utilize a unique code which is often displayed below the phone number an individual is calling.  Often, when a business using a call tracking code identifier, the message on the receiving end will start of by stating: “To best direct your call, enter the code you see below the number”. Once the code is entered by the caller, the caller will be routed or the correct message will be given to the caller based on the unique code entered.


Conversion Monitoring Scripts

The top search engines utilize conversion tracking tools that will allow your business to review the number of conversions in your account.  Code scripts are used to record the action that is happening on the site.  Monitoring can be setup to not only see the call that comes in, but also, see the phone calls made based on your PPC spend.

Given the significance of call, companies and Google AdWords advertisers require a means to track those calls back to the advertisements that activated them. You could make smart choices about your advertising spending plan and also your sales technique when you recognize where your calls are coming from.


Call Tracking Benefits

AdWords Phone Call Tracking enables you to:

  • Clearly determine your paid search ROI
  • Improve phone support of incoming calls from pay per click leads
  • Track calls to specific keyword phrases & campaigns
  • Improve optimization decisions based upon call conversion information
  • Accurately Measure AdWords ROI


This should not be an expensive or difficult proposition. Businesses could buy a call tracking number Pay Per Click Call Tracking, or use a VOIP provider like Vonage, Skype or Google Voice and use a different number per marketing channel source, (i.e. AdWords, Yahoo and Bing) to understand if your PPC campaigns are generating phone calls.  At the very least, you can verify whether or not your marketing campaigns are generating leads, whether it be paid search, content marketing, or search engine optimization. Once you get the call, it’s up to your business to close the sale.

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