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Top PPC Trends to Stand Out

Stand out from the Crowd with the top PPC trends

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a popular online advertising campaign that can get you the fastest results and ROI for your business. Almost every successful company is using PPC to connect with their target audience. PPC is being used from large corporations to small local businesses. In order to make them succeed you have to be on top of the latest trends to stand out. Continue reading to discover the top PPC trends to help your ad campaign get the attention it needs.


Target audiences take overppc trends to stand out

For a long time, keywords have ruled the PPC ad industry. Ever since its inception marketing professionals have focused campaigns on specific keywords.

This method has always been seen as the most effective way to reach potential customers. However, that’s now all set to change.

Now, targeting audiences are becoming more important than keyword searches. Designing PPC ads that feel personal and tailored to your target audience is one of the most effective ways to stand out. This is especially important as online users get used to the PPC ad format. It’s essential to make the ad unique and custom-centered, to stand out from competitors.

Take advantage of automation

Google is one of the most popular online platforms for PPC ad campaigns. Yet, Google isn’t just a search engine! They also offer a range of automatic services that are getting more effective every year.

Google can take care of a range of repetitive PPC tasks, such as bid tracking, keyword analysis, and metric reporting.

By letting Google take over on these features marketing professionals will have more time for the creative tasks. This includes developing brand identity, creating compelling copy, and finessing their campaign approach.

Move away from Google

For a long time, Google has been the leader of PPC ad campaigns. However, that is all set to change.

Recently, there has been a shifting trend towards Amazon. This is because a lot of people are starting to search for products on the Amazon search engine instead of Google.

This trend is an important change for online marketers. Google is a great platform for developing brand awareness and connecting with customers.

Yet, businesses that want to stand out from the crowd need to start diving into Amazon. On top of this, Bing, Facebook, Pinterest, and Youtube are also growing platforms for PPC. If you want to stand out consider venturing onto different platforms.

Develop compelling ads

This is one of the most effective ways to stand out from the crowd. The only way that PPC campaigns can be effective is if the headline and description respond to the users’ search engine query.

The best way to control this is through developing specific Meta tags that relate to the brand, services, or products that are on offer.

Marketing studies suggest that a paid ad needs to directly answer what the user is looking for.

Otherwise, they will immediately go for an organic search result. Users can identify that a PPC is an advertisement, yet they will respond positively if the ad helps them find what they’re looking for.

The future is video marketing

Video ads are getting more and more popular every year. 2019 is known in the marketing community as the year of video. Although video campaigns are more expensive and complex than text, they are more effective.

Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram are all becoming lucrative platforms for video ad campaigns. For anyone who wants to stand out with their PPC marketing, it’s time to start looking towards the future, video.

No one has time to stay on top of all the PPC trends. That’s our job.

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